Breathwork Meditation

Plats: Verket – Lilla Stampgatan 1A

Datum: 5 november 2022

Layers of Creativity presents:
Energizing and cleansing breathwork meditation with Hanieh Namvar (Breathwork Guide and Tantra Therapist)
When: Saturday 5 November
Where: Verket: Lilla Stampgatan 1A
Time: 12:00-13:30
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About Breathwork
We start the session with a short introduction, preparing you to get down into the body. Breathwork focuses on active breathing and is different from any other form of meditation where you often sit quietly with your thoughts.
During a Breathwork session, you can feel where your physical tension is, but also connect with blocked emotions. When we do Breathwork, we breathe deeply into the stomach and heart, which means that we automatically begin to feel the emotions that we have not had contact with. These feelings simply get the chance to come to the surface – get cleared out!
Breathwork effectively helps with depression, stress, anxiety and worry. When we practice breathwork, we feel more pleasure throughout the body.
We will complete with a rest and have time to integrate the session.
About the Facilitator
Hanieh Works as a Tantra therapist and feels passionate about supporting individuals to listen deeper to the body and heart. To connect with themselves, release and expand. Besides her work with healing in different forms she is also working with Urban planning projects with focus on Art and Culture in Gothenburg.
How can you prepare?
Wear comfortable clothes, get on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water before the session.
Warmest welcome!
Layers of Creativity & Hanieh Namvar